About Gearheard Beard Oil

The team at Gearhead Beard Oil is passionate about beard care and provides only the highest quality products. All products are natural, man made, in small batches to ensure only the best products for your beard. We do not test on animals, we only test on bearded mechanics and car guys, who receive a lifetime of beard oils courtesy of Gearhead.

Gearhead Beard Oil vision combines the best of health and beauty for your beard with the love of cars and engines for fun. Gearheads everywhere are loving Gearhead Beard Oil.

The Gearhead Story

Gearhead Beard Oils is located in Lakeland, Florida and oils are currently available online and at local barbershops.

In “No-Shave” November 2015, Darrin started his personal beard journey, trying beard oils and balms without any success. Nicole had three years experience with body and essential oils and started researching different formulas to create an organic beard oil that was not too oily and helped to smooth and grow Darrins beard without itching or stunting the growth.

Darrins’ inspiration for his beard journey is Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. The inspiration for the Gearhead brand is the love of cars and car guys everywhere.

Gearhead Beard Oil has created 4 car themed fragrances that are 100% organic and with a Rosemary essential oil base, to assist in growth and conditioning. While Gearhead Beard Oil is a new business, Nicole is no stranger to the business world.

Nicole has over 15 years as a business owner, with her first and current business focusing on business creation and marketing. She has helped over 500 businesses to either launch or build their business. Nicole started her second business in 2013 with the creation of Sensual Scents, an essential and body oil business.

Both Nicole and Darrin have an extensive and deep love for cars, engines, racing and getting dirty under the hood of any vehicle. Every car has a soul, as does every person. Cars and people have a unique connection and Gearhead Beard Oil is based on that connection and soul. Gearhead Beard Oil is devoted to bringing a beard oil to the market that not only appeals to car guys but all guys, on their own personal beard journey.

If you are a barbershop owner, looking for a line of beard oils to offer in your shop, you can sign up as a distributor online at www.gearheadbeardoil.com/distributor.