Why you NEED Beard Oil?

Why you NEED Beard Oil?

You may not even know what beard oil is. You may be sitting there, wondering, confused, and just unknowing. AND that is okay. I’m here to help you understand what beard oil is and why you want it and NEED it.

First off, beard oil is not anything new, it’s been around for years and as only grown in popularity as the beard trend as caught on and more and more men and millennials engage in beard growth. You see beards everywhere, and probably know a few yourself that are participating in the facial hair growth contest. Trust me, it’s a contest. There are contest out there for who has the best, burliest, longest, craziest beard, but that’s neither here nor there.

While beards are easy to grow, they do take some work. They can look and feel amazing. They can be as neat and orderly or as crazy and wild as you want; but it will take some work.

Let’s start with the most important aspect of your beard that regardless of how you wear your beard; are you maintaining it enough to feel soft and look touchable? Ask your partner, they’ll tell you, they usually won’t mind the beard if it’s not rough and sandpaper-feeling. That’s when a little beard oil comes into play. Beard oil leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It won’t happen overnight, if you’ve been growing a beard and not using the oil. You’ll have to spend time nourishing your beard and giving it some love.

The hair on your face is just as important as the hair on your head. You spend time taking care of it, washing it, conditioning it, trimming it. The same is true for your beard.

Essentially, there are three main reasons you should be using beard oil:

  1. It removes flakes: beard flakes are fairly common with longer beards. The use of beard oil on a regular basis will control the beard flakes, nourish the skin underneath and help to maintain a healthy beard.
  2. Beard Oil is a Moisturizer: beard oil works not only with the hair on your face; but also the skin under the beard to maintain a healthier and well taken care of appearance. Beard oil provides the nourishment and nutrients to moisturize your beard.
  3. Ohhh the smell: beard oil (when scented) smells amazing. Because of the oils connection with the skin and hair follicles it leaves your beard smelling sweet all day. Not only do you smell it; but those who get close enough smell it as well. Think of it as cologne for your beard.

All of our beard oils are all natural and made with a variety of carrier and essential oils to develop the right mix of awesomeness for your beard. Get Yours Today!

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